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We offer Auto Detialing Services for your Classic or Show Car (Platinum Package) . Call (972) 875-3000 to schedule your appointment.




Engine compartment is shampooed with degreaser and cleaners. Dressing applied to engine bay to restore factory new look.

Best, top-rated products are used in this package.

Contaminants such as bugs, tar, dirt build-up, grease and road grime are properly cleaned while protecting the finish of your car.

Exterior rubber trim, weather seals, moldings, tires, wheel and wheel wells are scrubbed by hand. Tires will be removed from vehicle to clean wheels, wheel wells, brakes and undercarriage. Any rust is treated with rust remover.

Exterior rubber trim, tires, molding and wheels are scrubbed by hand.

Hand-wash from top to bottom with gentle car wash shampoo. Filtered rinse to eliminate water spots.

Air dry the vehicle to remove water from crevices, bezels, trim, door jams, wheels.

Apply paint prep which eliminates fish-eyes that occur when silicone isn’t cleaned from surface.

Apply paint cleaning clay by hand over the exterior paint, glass chrome trim and wheels allowing your paint to be totally clean, smooth and ready to polish.

Apply the finest machine polish available for a swirl-free finish.

Apply pre-wax cleaner by hand to exterior paint, trim, chrome and wheels.

Polish and buff the exterior by hand to correct minor or medium paint imperfections like scratches and oxidation.



Machine polish all aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, plastic and more with the best metal polish.

Apply carnauba wax by hand to give the finish a beautiful shine with up to 2 months protection.



Machine apply premium carnauba wax for maximum color, depth, clarity and beauty with up to 3 months protection.

Apply dressing to exterior black rubber, plastic trim and tires to give it a like-new appearance.

Clean windows, mirrors and gauges to a perfectly haze-free crystal clear glass.

Vacuum interior to loosen and remove dirt and dust particles from floor boards, seats, rear shelf and trunk.

Fabric upholstery, carpets, headliner and floor mats are deep cleaned with interior cleaning products and a special heated extractor to remove ground in dirt and stale odors. Dashboard, gauges, consoles, door panels, pockets, vinyl, leather, trim and glass is cleaned with a commercial vapor steam cleaner.

Interior cleaning products applied to dashboard, consoles, door panels and pockets. Dressing applied to vinyl, cloth, and leather components to give it a like-new appearance.

Full cleaning of the undercarriage from bumper to bumper.



Platinum Auto Detail Package

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